Leap. Header Challenge

As today is Leap day and it was my turn to choose this weeks theme for our header theme challenge this week. I have decided to go with the theme of "Leap".
Having chosen the subject however nothing leapt into the frame this week for a picture along that theme.
I did think I could have used a picture of our cat Garfield as a kitten leaping for a ribbon...

but instead I have chosen to go with a picture of my daughter leaping across a gap whilst running along a wall.

I wonder what the other headbangers have leaped to choosing this week why don't you follow their links on the right hand menu bar and find out.


imac said...

I hope she made it to the other side and not missed her footing,lol.
Neat shot Dave.

3rd time lucky with the word verification. lol.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: What a fun leap you have captured. this is going to be a good contest.

Gailsman said...

With a hop, a skip and a jump!

Lanny said...

Perfect theme, perfect photo for the theme!

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