Header Challenge - Photograph THE WORD that's close to your heart of your hobby.

This weeks challenge was a little confusing when it was first set by imac as it was designated as - "Photograph THE WORD that's close to your heart of your hobby." So I had to ask imac for some clarification of exactly what he wanted and evidently it was to photograph a something to do with a hobby close to your heart that included the name relevant to that hobby in the photo.

Well my two main hobby's are computing and photography so which one to choose? My desk is a mess at the moment so I wasn't going to take pictures of the computer so that left photography. Now unlike Gailsman I haven't been to any fabulous camera exhibitions recently so I have had to get inventive. I'm also not a Nikon man like imac and Gailsman I am solidly in the Canon corner always have been and probably always will be. I just prefer their cameras and menu systems.

So my header this week is my Canon collection of cameras and lenses. Yes the eagle eyed of you will notice there is a non canon lens in the picture too but its part of my set up so I included it.

I wonder if the other headbangers will have chosen photography as their hobby or perhaps something completely different? Why don't you head on over to their blogs to see what they have chosen to show, just follow the links in my right hand menu bar.


Gailsman said...

Isn't having four camera a little greedy!

Although i think perhaps one or two of them may be film versions, rather than digital.

And the one thing that is good about keeping to one brand, is that the lenses are interchangeable. Although yo may lose some of the features.

6th time with this damn passwords verification

Alex cox said...

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