Look What I Saw! Header Challenge.

Well I'm back from the cyber wilderness just about, so I'm able to take part again in this weeks header challenge that has been set this week by Tom-fishing guy. He's chosen "Look what I saw". Now that can be interpreted pretty much any way you want it and I'm sure when you visit the other headbangers' blogs, you will see that for yourself. For me the thing that I, "Saw" and thought worthy of taking a photo of, was some Christmas cards.

 The Christmas card on the right I have used as my header this week as I think its such a simple yet vibrant design that it really makes the banner stand out. What do you think?


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Neat capture of such a simple subject. So glad to see you back my friend.

imac said...

Ah, Daves back from the wilderness of blogless land, welcome friend.
Simple but effective design, looks great.

Gailsman said...

Welcome back from Cyberspace. They look expensive cards, so are they being sent to special people?

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