Postcard from Lincolnshire–Header Challenge

This week imac chose our little header challenge and he decided that we should all show a postcard from where we live. Well as those of you who are regular readers know I live in Lincolnshire in England. Lincolnshire is renowned for its wide open flat farm land, hence the image in the header.

lincolnshire project-1-2

Another thing you will see lots of around Lincolnshire (well in Spring anyway) are Daffodils and Tulips as they are one of the biggest producers of the flowers and bulbs in Europe.


The free range poultry business is growing rapidly too both commercially and with individual families hence the chicken.

chicken trouble

So there you have my postcard from rural Lincolnshire. I could have gone in to on of the towns and told you all about that but I live 10 miles from the closest one so rural Lincolnshire seemed more appropriate.

Have a look to see what postcards the other headbangers have posted. Follow their links on my right hand menu bar.


mel said...

This is the view from my front door, love it even after 9 years here.

imac said...

Dave - great showing my friend of Lincolnshire, Fine and dandy fierce hen there too, high on the pecking order,lol.

Gailsman said...

We keep meaning to come and visit Spalding, as that's Gail's maiden name, and she fancies having her photo taken next to the signpost marked Spalding.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: What a nice postcard from the country. Glad to see your part of England.

Lanny said...

oooh I like the postcard and the presentation of it, very nice indeed!

Okay now, lets talk farmin'. If I could get myself on a areo-plane mentally and fiscally, I would love to travel 'round to farming spots. We have a poster of Britsh sheep breeds - that would be my tour of your lovely corner of earth. And I would love to do it in the spring to see all the spring bulbs in bloom in your wide open flat lands.

Free range here in the US is not what folks think, a free range bird is in a huge building, er barn, just let go on the floor with all the other birds. Kind like free ranging in a gymnasium.
But I like your style of free range, just a good ol romp around the farm, diggin' up bugs and eatin' Aunt Tilly's zinnias.


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