Views of Autumn (Fall) Header Challenge

This weeks challenge has been set by Tom-fishing guy and is all to do with the season and is, “Views of  Fall” as he described it being from across the pond, but I think we will stick to talking about “Views of Autumn” it makes me feel less like I want to fall over.

I had to take my car in to the garage today in Peterborough for a couple of minor electrical niggles to be fixed (which the Citroen garage took all day to do, thank you Citroen!) So while I was stuck in Peterborough centre, I took my camera, which I’d had the foresight to take with me, to the cathedral grounds to get some photographs for todays header.  The day was lovely, really blue skies and the trees were really shining golden in the sunshine, so it made for a good photo opportunity. I enjoyed leisurely wandering around taking pictures.




Even the ground was colourful with the fallen leaves.


My header is taken looking up through the golden branches to one of the many turrets that adorn Peterborough Cathedral.

Have a look at the wonderful autumnal colours on offer by the other headbangers, just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.

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Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful golden branches...and looking through them to the cathedral is splendid.
I especially like the second photo...the leaves on the grass.
Great photos!!!

mel said...

lovely colours

imac said...

Hi Dave, nice trip then to Peterboro, glad your car took so long - cause you would'nt have these great Autumn shots

When are you going to show more from your cruise?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: I'm so glad you didn't Fall over taking these neat photos of the Fall tree with all the great color. Nice job of taking advantage of your car repair trip.

Gailsman said...

It always pays to have your camera with you, as you never know what you might come across. I bet you are glad you had it with you after taking these gems

Lanny said...

I like your header. I really like the photo of the leaves on the green grass. Nice contrast. Just the other day I was thinking that it sometimes seems like our pastures are greener in autumn than spring. I like the contrast of the super green pastures and the trees that border them.

katney said...

Great opportunities for strolling with the camera. I fear that sometimes mine is not with me, and I have to find a solution for that. I need one again that will fit in my small purse, asn my always with me version has given up the ghost.

Meg | Photo Contest said...

Really beautiful photos and the colors are bright and beautiful. Excellent work! :)

Promosyon said...

Awesome autumn pics. I loving them. I always love autumn season. This is the season of fall but I love it.


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