Moving Pictures On-board Azura

This weeks header challenge has been chosen by Sandy and she has chosen Moving Pictures as our theme. So I’ve decided to to tie in my header with a quick introduction to our holidays next port of call on-board P&O’s Azura. After La Palma we had a day at sea, in which they laid on a Galley walk through…


so we could see just how huge the kitchens are (and there are different kitchens serving the different restaurants.


Afternoon tea to follow was entitled “Chocolate Delight” and yes it was, from chocolate fountains to chocolate cakes of every description, it certainly was a delight.


The evening was a formal dress one, as it was the Black and White Ball.


When it’s black and white themed night, because it is also a formal night with all the men in tuxedo’s, P&O add a James Bond element to the evening as well and all the film showings were of Bond films. We finished the evening by going to watch the 10:30pm showing of Casino Royal on the Seascreen a truly moving picture. The picture and the screen were moving with the gentle movement of the ship as we steamed to our next port of call Lisbon.


It is this port of call that I have given you the preview of as a moving picture header. I’ve stitched together 23 photos to form a moving picture for you to enjoy of the sun rising over the suspension bridge as we came into Lisbon. I’ll tell you more of our journey into Lisbon and our day around Lisbon in a later post.

Remember to look to see what moving pictures the other headbangers have come up with for their headers this week. Just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: That is so neat, very nicely captured. How did you do that?

Gailsman said...

They are some great looking cakes. Your header isn't bad either!

SandyCarlson said...

Delicious, all of these! Looks like a beautiful, moving time!

mel cawkwell said...

this is so clever, saved me getting up to watch it for real :)

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

That's a very interesting moving picture. Nice to bump into your blog today Dave!

Where nature Presides

imac said...

Seems like its only the gentlemen folk that get up for the sunrise to photograph - eh Dave.

Real nice work here my friend.


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