Azura Sailaways

Its my turn this week to choose the header theme for our little weekly header competition. I decided to keep the theme in tune with my on going blogging about our trip on-board P&O’s Azura. So this week I’ve gone for “Flags”.

What might you ask does that have to do with our trip, well as we sailed away from each port for those that wished there was a sailaway party put on by the ships entertainment team by the Coral pool.


This involved lots of flag waving and singing and dancing and generally having a good time.


All ages joined in.


Lots of people were waving their flags whilst soaking up the sun on the sun loungers.


They were even joining in right at the top of the ship, looking down over the coral pool.


The Azura is a British ship so the Union flag was the flag of choice as you can see. P&O even supply them for all the passengers.

Have a look to see what flags are flying high in the headers of the other headbangers just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.

Go on wave your flag!



imac said...

Lots of Flag waving here Dave.

imac said...
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Certainly a fun bunch of flag shots.

SandyCarlson said...

An outstanding post full of spirit, Dave. Thanks.


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