Look out something is Falling!

It has been Sandy’s turn to choose this weeks theme for our header challenge competition. So what has she chosen you ask? Well this week you need your hard hat on because she has chosen “falling” as our theme.

I suppose unless the object is lighter than air it will fall  so what should I bring you photographs of?

falling parachutes

Well here’s some brave brave men of the RAF doing a parachute display or, controlled descent, which is in essence, falling through the air attached to a bit of fabric. These men and women however do their falling with a great deal of panache and expertise.

falling tower of pissa

Many people every year can be found in the town square of Pisa in Italy stretching out their arms to stop the bell tower from falling down. The Leaning tower of Pisa as you can see from the photo does lean a considerable amount. They do assure us that it isn’t going to fall down any time soon though, so maybe we don’t need to hold it up.

falling shadow

I said earlier unless the object is lighter than air then it will fall. Well I’ve found something that falls even though it has no weight at all. See, the shadow is falling across the grass!

For my header this week I took my inspiration from the weather. We have had a lot of rain falling in recent weeks and I know some of the other headbangers certainly have, so I decided to re-visit macro water droplet shots. This time I used an all black water tray and only the on camera flash for light source.

water droplets

So there you have it falling rain drops (artificially created). The best kind because its nice and sunny outside as I write this.

You can see what the others have decided to create for their headers by following their links at the top of my right hand menu bar.


imac said...

MM, great minds are at work here.
Nice shots my friend.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Interesting post, love the leaning tower.

SandyCarlson said...

These are beautifully done and a lot of fun!

Gailsman said...

Splashing header photo this week Dave!


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