Happy Birthday Amber

It is my Niece Amber’s birthday this week and so we called around to wish her Happy Birthday.


When we arrived she was having a Princesses Birthday party with some of her friends. They were all dressed up in Princesses outfits and looked really good. The party was already underway when we got there and they had already played some energetic games so they were having a quiet time playing the memory card game as we arrived.

Amber party

Although I think my camera clicking may have disturbed the concentration on the game as they all turned to look at the camera…

Concentration did quickly return to the game though…

Amber party-4

Energetic games did resume shortly with a game of musical bumps where every child that went out got a sticker, which meant they could continue to dance and play but the organiser of the game knew who was left actually playing the game. A great idea.

Amber party-6

Come back tomorrow for more fun from Amber’s Birthday party.


imac said...

Looks a great party there, and cute kids, look forward to tomorrow.

Gailsman said...

Hope your camera didn't get covered in jelly and ice cream!

Sid said...

Looks so beautiful. I've just started to follow you. Keep it up.



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