Header Challenge 8th December 2010 – Snow.


This weeks challenge is that winter favourite Snow.

Now for a change we have had some snow already in South Lincolnshire. Nowhere near as much as many other parts of the UK but even the little we have had seems to have caused chaos. Schools have been closed though much to my daughters disgust not theirs. Even my university the Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln closed its campus for about a week due to the snow.

It may cause problems for many but it certainly is beautiful to look at.


though I don’t think our chickens agreed.

So what should I use as this weeks header?

I thought a first to go with footprints in the snow…


but couldn't get it to fit the full width of the header bar and I wanted something a little better.

How about…


our dog Corky in the snow but again wrong shape for the header bar.

I even looked at a photo I took of the snow as it melted from our garden table forming some very strange shapes…


but it was in the wrong format for the header bar so I chose a photograph taken from an upstairs window looking out across the fields of South Lincolnshire whilst the snow continued to fall.

Hope you like it and are enjoying the picture opportunities snow whilst it lasts.

Don’t forget to leave your comments on my blog and then check out the other snow pictures of the headbangers, just follow the links in the right hand menu bar.


imac said...

Grand snow show Dave, little beauts,
and its grand to be blogging again.lol.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Fun show of your snow, I must say I love that first photo best of all. Your dog is also neat.

Lanny said...

The farm in me (or possible the cat) is curious as to what the swath of pale orange is. The touches of colour are delightful. At first it is hard to tell what end of the season the snow is fall at, fall or spring. Sometimes it is good to catch a season full on, but I think I really appreciate it when scenery does this other thing (for us it does that a lot, being green year 'round). Hard on dating things but it lends more to the viewers being able to imagine, don't ya think?

Dave said...

Thanks, the swathe of orange is long grasses running down the edge of the field poking above the snow, they have turned a lovely burnished gold, very pretty.

Gailsman said...

Bet it's been very chilly out in those open fields. Even the scarecrows are wearing are wearing fleeces!

Steve Finnell said...

u r invited to follow my blog


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