Header Challenge 22nd December 2010 – The Light.


Well Christmas is almost upon us so this is the last header challenge before Christmas. This week it has been my turn to choose the theme for us to create our header on.

I chose ‘the Light’. I thought it would give everyone a good scope to come up with something creative, it will be interesting to see what the others come up with.

My first thought was that I wanted to use candles as my light…

the light-1

but, I felt it needed a little bit more…

the light-1-3

so as it is Christmas (or very nearly) I added Jesus to the photo as he is regarded as bringing light to the world at Christmas.

Now for my header to fit it needs to be in the landscape format so I had a bit of a play adding extra candles and foliage…

the light-1-2

In the end I’ve gone for a shot taken very low to the ground to get the angle I wanted.

I hope you like it.

I wonder what my fellow headbangers have come up with this week for their headers.

Remember this Christmas to add the true light to your Christmas celebrations.


imac said...

I got a bigger candle,lol.

Very neat post and pics Dave.
Fitting for the season.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Very nicely done, this will be a hard voting week.

Gailsman said...

Very Christmassy feel to your header this week Dave.

Shame you didn't just show four candles, otherwise I could type some lines from the classic Two Ronnies sketch.

Lanny said...

Sweet! Did you get in trouble for stealing baby Jesus? And the candles and all? Hope you returned everything! Sometimes when I artfully arrange tools or stuff outside I see Dirt shake his head as he disassembles my little photo vignettes! I always think I'm going to put stuff back, but definitely it is more important to get inside and make sure the photos are usable and then I'll go back out. Well, after I've had a cup of coffee and a cookie.

Dave said...

Not so much for borrowing the figurine of baby Jesus, it was more that I'd taken the photo on the red carpet that I got told off for Lanny.


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