"New Beginnings"

Happy New Year to you all Gailsman has chosen our theme to send us off in to 2012 and he has chosen quite aptly "New Beginnings".

Although I think the weather might be starting to change so far this year in Lincolnshire we have had a very, very mild winter. Temperatures during the day have stayed in the mid teens, there has been no sign of snow and only one day so far that I've had to scrape ice from the car. This in turn has really confused the plants and wildlife we have crocuses growing nicely, daffodils coming through and buds growing in the hedgerows. 

So with the sun rising on the new beginning (of a new year) and with buds blooming in the hedgerow in my header I wish you a Happy New Year!

Have a look to see what new beginning the other headbangers have found for their headers this week, just follow their links in the side menu bar.

I don't think the good weather is here to stay as, as I'm writing this the wind is howling outside and last night our 10 foot trampoline flew across the garden in to our greenhouse. I think the poor plants are in for a nasty shock!


Gailsman said...

Gales here too Dave. Yes the weather is confusing for both plants, animals and people. I counted 15 squirrels hunting for food near my local park the other morning as I was cycling to work.
Happy 2012 Dave. Hope it's a good one.

imac said...

Hi Dave, on the same wave length as me I see.
Nice New Beginnings here.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Nice photo of the new beginnings, I hope your weather doesn't kill the buds. We were staying warm with no show until this week.

Andry Pe'I Pramudya said...

Hai Dave.
Great blog comes with great post and you have both:) Keep Shoot.
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