Header Challenge 19th January 2011 - Missing


Hi all and welcome to another Header challenge Wednesday.

Today’s choice has been chosen by Lanny and is `Missing’.

Now my first thought was just to put up a blank header and say the picture is `missing’ but I thought you might think that was a bit of a cop out.

So I’ve put my thinking cap on and come up with a few ideas and hopefully a good header.

I could use the bird feeder shot in which I missed the bird…


Or the eggs that had been `missing` all week…


we had begun to think our chickens had slowed down their egg production when we found these behind a fence panel in the garden (28 in total).

Or how about the synchro pair of the red arrows, when `missing` each other on their high speed cross-over's is vitally important.

missing-red arrow pairs

I’ve decided to stay with the Red Arrows for this weeks header, but a shot of one of their displays last year when they were `missing` one of their team due to illness. They still managed to put on a great show though. Can you spot where the missing arrow should be in the formation?

Oh well one thing more I am missing tonight is another 800 words for my University essay that is due in tomorrow, so I will leave you all for the moment. Hopefully I won’t be `missing` for too long.

Have a wonder over to the other headbangers blogs in the mean time and check what they are `missing` this week in their headers.


imac said...

Nice one Dave.
My Guess is missing from the botom.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Neat interpretation of a tough theme. I can see the left wingman is missing. BTW: Did you make a big egg dish?

Gailsman said...

A good choice for this week's theme. 8 is supposed to be a lucky number for the Chinese anyway

Lanny said...

Very clever picture, not obvious right off the bat, at first I thought it referred to the missing contrails. I like it and the rest of your missings as well. Looks like the girls had a plan that you foiled.


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